GENERAL Terms and conditions

The user acknowledges general terms and conditions compulsory as soon as a user log in the website or read its content. If the user does not accept terms and conditions does not have right to reach the content of the website.

Opt Art AG reserves all rights in connection with the content and dissemination of the website and webshop. It is absolutely forbidden to download, process, or sell any content published in the webshop or part of them without written consent of Opt Art AG.

We pay constant attention to our webshop, although we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness. For any errors and / or defectives we cannot accept any liability.

Opt Art AG provide through its webshop only basic information, for any further information, please contact us: beunique@optart.com

Opt Art AG accepts no liability concerning the operation of this webshop.

Although Opt Art does everything in its power to prevent abuse of this webshop we may not be held liable for the information transmitted by users over the internet.

Weblinks that support product information are provided for informational purposes only.

Opt Art AG is highly selective with respect to the sites to which it refers.

Opt Art AG cannot vouch for failure of these sites, nor for the contents thereof.


The User/Customer declares to accept this general terms and conditions and agree with that, while shopping in the webshop.

The User/Customer is liable to give its real, own data during shopping. The electronic contract with unreal or third person’s data is absolutely void. Opt Art AG excludes the accountability if the User/Customer uses third person’s name, data while utilizing the service.

Opt Art AG does not take liability for delivery default, any other problems or mistakes because of misguided or inaccurate information.

Displayed products/books can be ordered online. The prices shown on the products are in CHF, they include the statutory VAT, and the home delivery fee. No extra packaging fee will be charged.

In the webshop, Opt Art AG details the name and description of the product. Images displayed on a product datasheet may differ from reality, as an illustration. We are not responsible for the difference between the image displayed in the webshop and the actual appearance of the product.

If there is wrong price shown in the Webshop – in spite of due diligence of Opt Art AG – it is not required from Opt Art AG to deliver for the wrong price but for the right price.

The user has the possibility to pay online the total amount of the order through the secure payment system PayPal used by Opt Art AG.


The purpose of our shop is to fufill all the orders in good quality, for the satisfaction of the customer. If the customer has any complaint in connection of the contract or fulfillment of the contract, the complaint can be reported in e-mail or letter.

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