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Opt Art creates and publishes top quality culinary art books since 1993.

Publications from the Culinary Chronicle series received numerous awards at the International level and are highly appreciated by professional chefs and by those that enjoy to discover culinary arts on their travels.

We travelled to numerous countries worldwide, visited top class establishments and interviewed reputable chefs that create culinary arts at the highest level. Each culinary chronicle publication is an exceptional work of art with unique photography and artworks.

Opt Art also create books for clients that seek uniqueness, relate to art, food and culture and that appreciate outstanding results. For more information please contact us.

Dirk Wallenburg

A passionate hotelier that can look back on an international career in top class establishments, he also lectured at a reputable institute in Switzerland for hospitality studies.

Dirk Wallenburg is a permanent resident of Switzerland, a passionate art collector and highly interested in culture.

Ferenc Dancsecs

Ferenc is a photographer that is specialized in culinary arts. He is based in Hungary and available for clients that seek to have high quality culinary art photographs made. For more information please visit his website www.ferencdancsecs.com

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Culinary Chronicle

Vol 8 – Tokyo and Europe
Vol. 7 – Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
Vol. 6 – Germany and Switzerland
Vol. 5 – South and Southeastern France
Vol. 4 – South East Asia & Spain
Vol. 3 – New York and Paris
Vol. 2 – Italy & California
Vol. 1 – Hong Kong – Morocco – London

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Opt Art Magazine

Opt Art Magazine Vol. 6
Opt Art Magazine Vol. 5
Opt Art Magazine Vol. 4
Opt Art Magazine Vol. 3
Opt Art Magazine Vol. 2
Opt Art Magazine Vol. 1

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