Hungary and it’s hidden treasures.

Published on Apr 24, 2020

For this ninth edition of the culinary chronicle series we decided to create a publication that is different than all our previous books of this series. Mainly so, because we also wanted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Culinary Chronicle.

The previous editions of the culinary chronicle covered multiple countries or geographic regions, and it was therefore that we pre-selected eight countries and five cities as potential subjects for this ninth edition. After we visited them all, we unanimously agreed that Hungary was the perfect country to dedicate this whole ninth edition to.

Internationally it is not widely known that the country offers high quality fruits, vegetables and meat products. Its rich culinary diversity is under valuated and Hungarian wines and distillates are of excellent quality. To describe all available in the country, one would need to compose an encyclopedia. We selected those restaurants, hotels, wineries, farmers and companies that in our opinion are the most passionate in their work. When we visited the Herend porcelain manufactory we immediately decided that we also include an article on porcelain in this anniversary publication.

All photographs in this publication are made by Ferenc Dancses and working with him was a great experience. Photographic themes were decided spontaneously on location. The photo shooting sessions have been true memorable experiences with a very high fun factor. We also included artworks that students made from the art school in Budapest. In our opinion they delivered excellent art works and became true valuable contributions to this publication.

We hope that the readers of this book are inspired to visit Hungary and explore the rich culinary diversity. Those that do, will with no doubt also experience the kind and warm hospitality of the Hungarians. We miss the talks about wine and food with Balaton lake at our feet, and will be back very soon.

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